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In 2011 Tiger Tea launched a branch of the business devoted to the safety of children and youth and the welfare of all on event sites.



After working for a number of years providing health & safety services to music festivals and outdoor events, Tiger Tea observed that many events were doing the minimum to meet requirements under License Objective 4. There were age identifying wrist bands and maybe a "lost kids" area, usually within the First Aid or Security teams, but that was the extent of the provision.


In addition, event attendees with problems and in need of support were often shuffled between the medics, security or festival staff while seeking help.


WHAT IS "Welfare"?


To put it simply, event welfare provides support to event attendees who find themselves in trouble or distress and need a safe, secure place to turn to. It may be as simple as helping someone who has lost their mobile phone to call home or provide confidential information or hold someone's hand if they're ill.


In a more complex situations it may mean supporting someone who has found themselves overcome by a drink or drug experience and in need of a "safe place" to feel protected and non-judged while recovering. These people do not ned to take up valuable time with the medics or security persons. They are not ill but merely in need of a quiet place to recover and feel safe.


TIGER TEA KIDS: License Objective 4


Because a licensed event is tasked with the objective of "protecting children from harm" this means that the event is responsible for all children and youth on site, especially if the parent or responsible adult is not present to provide protection of that child or young person


TTK Can Help Meet Objective 4. At events in 2011 TTK provided a shelter manned by trained and CRB checked persons. This is what we found:


· Teens or inexperienced young adults brought to medical station for treatment of drug or alcohol related problems and with no responsible adult available to provide aftercare


· Lost children being looked after in an inappropriate setting by a staff member who has other responsibilities and with no time to engage with the frightened young child


· At isolated greenfield site festivals, underage "fence jumpers" caught by security who can not responsibly eject them into the middle of the countryside


· An intoxicated adult being ejected by security personnel for illegal activity but is on substances and has young children in his care


· A young person with mental health problems and in need of medication being wrongly identified and treated as intoxicated


· A young adult with a learning difficulty lost on an event site


- Young children abandoned and vulnerable in their campsite tent while the parents left them in order to "party"


The list goes on. In all cases children, teens or young adults found themselves in trouble and needed a helping hand then and there.


Until the parent, responsible adult or local services can assume care for that child or young person, THEY ARE THE REPOSNSIBILITY OF THE EVENT.


Some of our activities included 


· Caring for children found with no parent or responsible adult. Not only did we interact and converse with the child to make them feel safe, but we sent out active searches to look for the adult


· Caring for intoxicated or drugged young persons as they recovered so that the medics could attend to the medical casualties rather than "baby sit". Again, we were active in locating the responsible adult to hand the young person on to


· Providing support and care for children, teens or young persons who disclosed abuse or who were witnessed as abused or neglected


· Offering support and information to parents/ responsible adults collecting their troubled child or young person


· Liaising with police or local authorities who may need to intervene in a case involving children on site


In other words, TTK provided a complete care package that looked after the needs of children, youth and young adults on site.


TIGER TEA KINDNESS: A Word about the Over 18s

No only kids find themselves in difficulty. Adults, i.e. those over the age of 18 may experience troubles at an event site as well. TTK does not stop caring, just because a person in need is of a legal age.


A festival or large scale event can be an overwhelming experience. Young adults in particular can be inexperienced with how events operate and with the harm alcohol or unknown drugs can cause. They may find themselves in a security or medical situation. TTK can be there to ensure the person is looked after and cared for until they are able to cope on their own or are reunited with friends or family.


TTK can also provide advice, information and support for

- Drug and alcohol information

- Sexual health and available condoms

- Rape crises support

- Need for shelter or a clean set of clothes in an emergency


.....and in many, many other little ways that support event attendees away from home and in need of help




TTK is a branch Tiger Tea. Linda Krawecke oversees the management, qualifications of staff and logistics. She is in overall control of TTK and can supply you with quotes for services.


We have paramedics, teachers, psychiatric nurses, youth workers amongst our group. Most will have enhanced DBS checks.




“Having worked alongside TTK Welfare at previous events, we have found them to be professional, friendly and caring. They have been of great help in assisting us with a number of people presented to our onsite medical centres and have always been a pleasure to work with. They have always gone over and above their call of duty as a welfare team and have no problems lending a hand in any way shape or form. As a company we would highly recommend TTK Welfare for any event.”


Sam Edmunds, Event and Project Director, Event Paramedics Ltd.


"In the past 12 months M&S Ambulance service have worked with the TTK Team. It's been worth their weight in Gold to be able to utilize their expertise. This is such a valuable resource and we would strongly recommend to any event or festival manager to consider booking the TTK team."


Matthew Whiting, Director, M&S Ambulance Service




We can offer Child Safety Support only or a Full Welfare package for your event. Contact us for an informal chat about your requirements. We will do our best to offer you a quote to fit within your budget.


Want to get involved? TTK is always looking for volunteers who want to give a bit of time and support while having an event or festival experience like no other.


We're also always on the scrounge for blankets, ground sheets, clothing, tea urns and welfare supplies. Call to donate.


Linda Krawecke - 01323 732843



or email info@tigertea.net


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